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Our goal in creating this site is to help as many people as possible make better vitamin and nutritional supplement choices for themselves and their loved ones.

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Nutritional Supplements & Vitamins are Big Business Today –
Over $1 Billion!

Over $1 billion dollars is being spent annually on the advertising and purchasing of vitamins and other nutritional supplements. This is a BIG business, and like most big businesses today, many vitamin products being sold are NOT the best for you, your health or our earth. As a consumer searching for products to enhance your health, you MUST spend time finding top-notch nutritional supplements, and determining what the criteria should be for your search. We hope to help you do that with our informational website, www.NutritionalSupplementsandVitamins.com. Knowledge is power, and we hope this information will empower you to not only find better nutritional supplements, but to enhance your health and vitality.